Geoff Lane photo
With GOP Race Over, Candidates Should Now Focus on the Economy

Each election is important, but 2012’s race is shaping up to be an exceptional one.  The polls are tight and voters are focusing early on the candidates' plans.  Having wrapped up the GOP presidential nomination in Texas last night, Governor Romney now will shift his entire focus to the general election, where the biggest issue on voters’ minds remains getting the economy operating on all cylinders again. 

At TechElect, we realize there are no simple answers to what ails the economy, but we are sure that fostering innovation and encouraging growth in the high-tech sector would go a long way to jumpstarting it.  Since our inception, we have shared articles, opinions, and blogs with you to underscore the sector’s role in our economy.  Moving forward, we will continue to share those insights with you, and also host events and interviews where we can bring together some of the country’s brightest minds with new ideas and new approaches on how to build a pro-innovation environment. 

The 21st-century economy is moving at breakneck speeds and requires sharp minds, innovative ideas, and a willingness to think big.  If the President and Governor are serious about getting the economy back on track, they should look to technology.