Dean C. Garfield photo
Welcome to the New

During the past several months, we have talked a lot internally and with our member companies about building an advocacy organization that matches the societal and economic impact of our sector.  That work has involved a great deal of tough examination on many levels.  One area that we’re very excited to unveil today is our new look and website. 

With the launch of our new logo, we are making a strong step forward in our global engagement.  We define what sets ITI apart in the constellation of trade associations. 

  • Innovation:  ITI navigates the constantly changing relationships between policymakers, companies, and non-governmental organizations, providing creative solutions that advance the development and use of technology around the world.  We match our members’ breakthrough innovations with cutting-edge approaches to help people and governments better understand our members and the work they do.
  • Insight:  Policy changes every day.  New ideas are introduced.  Countries offer new approaches to meet the ever-changing global economic landscape.  ITI provides top-notch analysis on and perspective for these policy and political developments, helping to map strategies and offer solutions for the challenges facing governments and the tech sector alike.
  • Influence:  Our expertise ranges from market access to sustainability, from core standards to the cloud.  Our influence spans the world’s national capitals and key commercial markets.  We develop first-rate advocacy strategies and market-specific approaches.  And we deliver results.

As part of this overhaul, we’ve taken a sledgehammer to the old site and replaced it with an entirely new structure that will be more flexible, allow for more creativity, and provide users with greater access to content.  We are endeavoring to build a one-stop shop for policymakers, media, and member companies alike to gain the latest information about the tech sector and the priorities we have to create new jobs and strengthen the communities where we live and work, develop the next-generation of innovative products, and spark conversation that can lead to breakthrough policy approaches.  About the only thing that is the same from the old site is the url –  From our blog to policy updates to our focus on telling the amazing story of the tech sector’s impact, we intend our site to be the go-to place for tech sector information.

Take a spin.  Kick the virtual tires.  Let us know what you think about the new 1.0.  But innovation doesn’t stand still.  We’re already working on version 2.0, and would welcome your ideas. Email with your suggestions.