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Tech’s Ongoing Support of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s address this week to the U.S. Congress about Russia’s war against his country and its citizens underscored the critical role the international community – including businesses – has in responding to this illegal invasion. In the aftermath of President Zelenskyy’s emotionally gripping speech, the U.S. is demonstrating leadership alongside trusted allies, including by taking steps to revoke Russia’s permanent normal trade relations status with the United States. As a parent, and as an American whose family emigrated to this country from Ukraine to escape similar horrors in the last century, I am proud of the united global response against the invasion of Ukraine.

As we all yearn for peace for Ukrainians, the tech industry stands in strong support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as they continue their fight against the Russian invasion. Among other key functions, technology enables Ukrainians to communicate with one another, supporting the delivery of critical lifelines like food and health care.

As we urge a diplomatic solution and an end to this unjustified and illegal invasion, global companies from across the tech industry have and will continue to act in support of Ukraine and its people. Information and communications tools and services, including social media platforms, enable Ukrainian families, the government, and media to communicate with each other and the rest of the world instantaneously. These tools mean the world can bear witness to Russia’s atrocities in real time, without filter. The importance of these digital information tools is also why Russia has sought to block access for their own citizens, serving the Russian government’s aim to disseminate state propaganda and to stifle dissent. Companies that manufacture software, semiconductors, and more are providing humanitarian relief to Ukraine, such as direct aid and medical assistance, and resettlement and transportation needs for Ukrainians fleeing harm. Cybersecurity firms are working with partners to fortify networks from attacks, while helping employees and their families in Ukraine relocate to safer locations.

Companies are going beyond compliance with global sanctions on Russia -- hardware manufacturers, financial service firms and others have suspended operations and sales in Russia. As businesses continue to isolate Russia, ensuring the safety of their employees in a dangerous and evolving environment is paramount.

In real time, we are witnessing the multi-faceted impact of technology in this war. Our industry continues to work with governments from across the globe to ensure we are a resource and partner in support of Ukraine.