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Technology Sector Boosting America's Job Recovery

Todays jobs data release has an upside, with a continued growth trend in the technology sector. It's good news for America, as the tech firms continue to pace the nation's economic recovery.

In the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data published today, we see continued strength in the five key tech sectors that we track, with computer systems design and management and technical consulting alone accounting for 17,000 new jobs.  During the past year, these two areas have sparked 136,500 new jobs across the country. They are good-paying jobs that have a strong benefit for the rest of the economy.

The federal data is bolstered by the Monster Employment Index, also out today, that showed positive annual growth in 19 of the 20 industries it tracks. In the tech/innovation sector, Monster reported a 19 percent jump in job demand from February 2011 to February 2012.

The data underscore our belief that the economy has found its legs again, with the tech sector providing a lot of the muscle. While overall progress is good, it is still too slow. We have to build on this momentum to finish climbing out of the recession's hole. That means focusing on those key priorities that can spark expanded job growth and opportunity for America's innovators and America's workers.