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Public and Private Sectors Need to Tackle Cyber Threats Together

On Aug. 25, the Biden Administration will meet with private sector leaders at the White House to discuss how the public and private sectors can and must work together to improve the United States’ cybersecurity. In just the past few months, President Biden has issued two directives to address the surge in cyber threats, such as supply chain attacks targeting the U.S. government’s own systems, and ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure including software and pipelines that transport hazardous liquids and natural gas. 

These types of increasingly severe and complex cyber-attacks on the systems that control and operate critical infrastructure pose significant risks to U.S. national security, economic competitiveness, and public safety. The tech industry maintains that the most efficient and effective way to build a more resilient digital ecosystem and more secure infrastructure that addresses the constantly evolving cyber threats is to establish policies that encourage cooperation between the federal government and industry experts built on consistent use of best practices and consensus standards.

This week’s White House meeting will be a crucial next step in facilitating that partnership. The tech industry hopes that we will emerge from the discussions with critical agreements around policies that bolster cybersecurity while encouraging the innovation that is fundamental to continued economic competitiveness, maintaining the benefits technology provides, and reflecting the interconnected and interoperable nature of today’s global digital environment.  

The protection of digital information and systems is a priority for both private industry and governments around the world. It is so critical that the private sector have a seat at the table with the federal government when making decisions about cybersecurity policy as companies work to secure the technology systems that citizens use to improve their lives and the digital infrastructure our economy depends upon for unprecedented opportunities and prosperity. The shift to remote work and schooling, and the impact of cutting edge healthcare technologies on patient care during this pandemic, clearly demonstrate a dependence on secure, private, and reliable internet connected technologies. This close coupling means that technology companies are highly motivated not only to maintain secure and resilient networks and systems, but also to design and build cybersecurity into their products and services. 

Working together, the federal government and the private sector can help create cybersecurity policies that are adaptable to rapidly emerging threats, are based on effective risk management, and leverage public-private partnerships.

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