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Polls Show Strong Support for Immigration Reform

New public opinion data show Americans are ready for the Senate to approve its bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  A survey of people in 29 states found that nearly seven in ten Americans support comprehensive immigration reform and that almost nine in ten people don’t want this to drag on.  They want action this year.

What this means, from a purely political perspective, is that comprehensive immigration reform gives lawmakers an opportunity to show they can find common ground on a critical national priority.  The polling summary bears that out.


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a country increasingly polarized across party lines when it comes to almost all attempts to move legislation.  Yet, the compromise that’s been crafted on immigration reform is a rare exception to that rule.  The bill that’s been constructed has broad support with every segment of the electorate in every part of the country.  The bipartisan immigration reform package represents a rare opportunity to cast an affirmative vote for major legislation that enjoys overwhelming support from voters of all stripes.


The polls were sponsored by the Alliance for Citizenship, Partnership for a New American Economy, and Republicans for Immigration Reform, three organizations that represent broad support for immigration reform from across the political spectrum.

One of the reasons we believe that the Senate’s comprehensive reform proposal is gaining in public support is that people understand the link between immigration reform and job creation.  The data bear this out.  Economists have repeatedly noted the correlation between immigration and new jobs.  Each skilled visa creates approximately five new jobs across the country.  And every additional 100 foreign science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) graduates of a U.S. university with an advanced degree is linked to another 262 jobs for U.S. natives.  Skilled immigrants create new businesses and new jobs and are valuable additions to our communities.

We want these jobs here in America, and not going to our foreign competitors.  America needs an immigration system that ensures our future is one of renewed prosperity.  The Congress must seize this opportunity and approve legislation that will serve to further invigorate our nation’s innovative and entrepreneurial leadership. 

The new polling shows that the American people are ready to embrace these solutions.  The Senate has the opportunity to put these solutions to work for America’s future.

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