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Making History on Immigration Reform

What began as eight bipartisan U.S. Senators in January has now become 68 U.S. Senators in June, all joining together because the time has come to fix our broken immigration system and make it work for the American people and the American economy.  Since the last time Congress passed comprehensive immigration reform, our economy has become more innovative, more dynamic, and more reliant on a highly skilled workforce, many of whom are foreign-born graduates of our world-leading universities.  Our current immigration system has made it nearly impossible for these talented individuals to stay in the U.S. post-graduation to advance our nation’s innovative leadership.

That’s why it is time to align our immigration system with our national interest and our nation’s future.  Organizations representing the world’s most innovative companies have been all in for immigration reform from the moment the Gang of Eight unveiled their principles, and we have come together to applaud the U.S. Senate for taking a critically important step on the road to reform. 

(Read the joint statement from the tech sector leaders reacting to the Senate's vote.)

We have been this far before – in 2006.  But progress stopped then.  Our united sector organizations have no intention to repeat history, but to work with Congress and the President to make history by finally modernizing our immigration system.

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