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ITI Sustainability Series to Focus on Green Tech Challenges

Tech is involved in myriad energy and environmental sustainability issues – each with its own complexities and differing global approaches.  In an effort to break down some of these challenges and brainstorm on potential solutions, ITI, joined by IPC and SEMI, are hosting three sustainability events focused on developing regulations and compliance efforts.

This regional series is a great opportunity for company officials to hear from global regulatory experts, and for participants to exchange ideas on best practices and industry-wide solutions.  The three sessions will occur on:

  • June 6:  Dell campus in Round Rock, Tex.
  • June 10:  Intel campus in Santa Clara, Calif.
  • June 12:  Motorola Solutions campus in Schaumburg, Ill.

At each session, participants will hear from Steve Andrews of the U.K. Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, and Chris Smith of the U.K. National Measurement Office (NMO), who jointly helped to write the UK Blue Book, the de facto RoHS guidance document for Europe.  Steve and Chris are in the process of re-writing the Blue Book to cover RoHS II, or the RoHS Recast, which includes several significant changes from the original RoHS Directive.  They will be joined by Matthew Bignell, also of the U.K. NMO, who is responsible for ensuring RoHS enforcement in the United Kingdom, and has been integral in developing compliance assurance protocols that are used throughout the European Union. 

Their expertise, along with that of others who specialize in Latin America, Asia, and the U.S., will be a valuable resource for Sustainability Series attendees.

Technology companies in Silicon Valley and across the globe place a premium on environmental sustainability.  A smart, green fleet of products and services is central to our industry.  At these forums, we’ll look to build on the sector’s record of accomplishment and turn individual approaches into industry-wide opportunities.

P.S.  It’s not too late to register.  Visit our Sustainability Series page to learn more.

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