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Getting the Big Picture Right on Tax Reform

Living in the nation’s capital, it is easy to be caught up on the wonkiest aspects of the tax reform debate.  Terms like “transfer pricing” and “tax deferral,” which would generate understandable looks of confusion from most people, are parts of the everyday lexicon for those of us making the case for tax reform.  That said, even in a sea of policy complexity, the case for policy solutions can be quite simple.  For Exhibit A, let me present James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute, whose post, The Case for Corporate Tax Reform in 1 Chart, reflects the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Over at the Tax Foundation, Stephen Entin takes on has the misleading picture painted by the Congressional Research Service report last month on taxes.  Entin does a great job clearing up many of the misconceptions contained in the CRS report.

This discussion will turn, all too quickly, toward the detailed minutia of the tax code.  But what’s important is the significant benefits for workers, communities, and the country that updating the U.S. approach to corporate taxes would bring.  In their own individual ways, both of these writers help us to better visualize why tax reform in the U.S. is essential. 

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