Download On Tech: Nichole Jordan of Grant Thornton on Tech Transformations

Publisher's note: Between the recording of this podcast episode and its release, Nichole Jordan took on an expanded role and new title within Grant Thornton. She is now Regional Managing Partner, Central Region.

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In the latest episode of Download On Tech, Nichole Jordan, Regional Managing Partner, Central Region at Grant Thornton joins Jason Oxman for an in-depth conversation about technology in the corporate space. The two discuss the factors which make Grant Thornton a technology company and the policy and workforce issues that business leaders identify as top-of-mind. Nichole also shares her experiences working with corporate boards on technology transformations, and some of the innovative ways that major companies are utilizing new technology.

Download On Tech is a tech policy podcast featuring leaders at the most innovative technology companies, as well as policymakers and influencers from around the world. Guests share their perspective on the intersection of innovation and public policy. Download On Tech is produced by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), the global trade association for the technology industry.

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