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Cybersecurity and You

We rely on our computers, smart phones, and tablets for everything from entertainment to balancing our checkbook. From our fleeting interests to our bank accounts, our lives are on our hard drives and in the cloud.  But new breeds of cybercriminals, hacktivists, and rogue nations have become as adept at exploiting the vulnerabilities of our digital world as our customers have become at taking advantage of its value.  The volume of Web-based intrusions per day increased by 93 percent from 2009 to 2010 – and the numbers continue to rise.  It’s why we need a national, collaborative cybersecurity approach.  It would be an individual’s best shield, and every day it is delayed, is another day where cyber criminals have an advantage. 

This week, the House of Representatives will take up a series of bills with the common aim of better safeguarding the American people's cybersecurity.  One of the bills – the bipartisan Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act – would create a fast, flexible, forward-thinking way for security professionals to share real-time data and analysis about cyber threats.  Without this legislation, we all remain vulnerable to cybercriminals. We created this infographic to demonstrate just how how prevalent cyber intrusions are, and how, if nothing is done, it could affect you, too.

 Cyber Security Infographic

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