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Bringing Brazil to the Valley

America’s innovation sector is constantly looking to build relationships and create opportunities around the world.  We’ve proved that the power of technology can bridge any border or cross any ocean, drawing the world closer together economically, socially, and culturally.

This week, we’re going to show how technology can play a stronger role in the second-largest economy in the Western Hemisphere – Brazil – as ITI hosts a high-level Brazilian government delegation in Silicon Valley.  Working with our member companies, we are going to highlight the latest in research and development, and demonstrate the kinds of game-changing technologies the innovation sector is championing. 

  • The group will stop at some of the infographicgiants in the tech sector – AMD, Apple, Cisco, HP, and Intel – to learn more about the initiatives these companies are championing to drive an innovation ecosystem in the United States. and around the world. 
  • They’ll hear from Alcatel-Lucent, Broadcom, Corning, eBay, IBM, Microsoft, and Qualcomm about ways the sector can work more closely with the Brazilian government to expand economic opportunities. 
  • They’ll meet with officials from Stanford University to hear about the partnerships between higher education and the private sector to develop new tools and a high-skilled workforce, and how universities like Stanford are intrinsic to the dynamism of Silicon Valley.

In April, when Brazilian President Rousseff was in Washington, she welcomed “increasing close” trade links and growing mutual investment between Brazil and the U.S., and noted the next areas of focus would be in “science, technology, and investment.”  That attitude sets the tone for the week’s California sessions.  Both sides want to find ways to enhance the rapidly growing trade relationship between the U.S. and Brazil.  Already, U.S. exports to Brazil support approximately 300,000 American jobs.  But we think that there is room to grow.  This week’s forum in Silicon Valley is an important step to exchange views on innovation at work and find ways for technology to bridge oceans and cross continents for progress.

Check back throughout the week for updates on the forum’s progress.

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