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Announcing #InTechWeTrust

TechElect is all about jump-starting the tech conversation among candidates and citizens. To be quite frank, engagement from you, the TechElectorate, is key to getting a wider public audience to discuss tech issues. Right after TechElect was conceived, we began to look for new and innovative ideas to ensure that our social media followers and blog readers could chime in with their own opinions and ideas.  Reading about tech can be edifying and interesting, but we also want it to be fun. Today, TechElect is announcing its #InTechWeTrust drive.
While it is often overlooked, tech has become an integral part of our daily routines.  We forget that today's technologies enable us to track down facts and figures on the web, print pictures, calculate data, connect us to friends and family, make phones calls, keep our schedules in check and entertain us. And we want to hear about all the little and big ways tech helps you every day.
#InTechWeTrust is a simple concept with simple rules:
1) Take photos of tech being used in everyday life
2) Share your photos with us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with the hashtag or caption "InTechWeTrust"
3) The best, most creative photos will be shared with our followers
4) Some lucky folks will walk away with a prize.
Show us how you rely on and need technology in your life. The innovations of yesterday have transformed all our lives for the better, making everyday tasks faster, smoother and always at hand.
We hope to keep #InTechWeTrust light-hearted, but we also understand the drive's larger objective.  Tech is the new lifeblood in the global economy, and with your help in illustrating how integral tech has become, we can help steer a constructive conversation among the candidates.