An Important Next Step in Brazil's New National Data Privacy Law

In September, Brazil’s new privacy law went into effect. This new law is one of the most thoughtful and balanced approaches to protecting users’ privacy and embracing trust and innovation. This week, ITI was excited to see the announcement of the appointment of the Board of Directors of the Data Protection Authority (DPA) as well as their confirmation by the Brazilian Senate. These steps are instrumental to ensuring the success of Brazil’s digital transformation.

Having this Authority in place ensures consistent interpretations and legal certainty, which are critical elements in a well-functioning regulatory framework that promotes innovation and investment. Without an effective enforcement body, the privacy law would not have the appropriate resources, clarifications, and regulatory certainty that the Authority should provide.

The Data Protection Authority must provide clear guidance for the important decisions that companies, users, and governments will be making regarding data usage and data transfers.

In August, ITI took a virtual trip to Brazil, where we met with several key government agencies focused on policy initiatives including Brazil’s digital transformation agenda, the national cybersecurity strategy, the national AI strategy, and multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade discussions. Brazil is moving thoughtfully in its advancement of the digitization of its entire economy, and this leap forward is already providing opportunities for both multinational companies and Brazilian innovators. In a data-driven world, harnessing the power of technology to support all aspects of society, business, and governance is critical to success.

ITI looks forward to working with the newly formed DPA and the Brazilian government on the continued success of Brazil’s digital transformation agenda, and especially in ensuring thoughtful, relevant application of its national personal data protection law.

Public Policy Tags: Data & Privacy