May 09, 2022

BRUSSELS Today, global tech trade association the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) submitted comments to the European Commission’s Chips Act proposal. In its submission, ITI underscored its strong support for the proposal’s goal to increase the resilience of the semiconductor supply chain and boost semiconductor production in Europe, while also highlighting key areas that policymakers should seek to clarify.

“While we strongly support the general architecture and rationale of the proposal, it should better reflect the complexity of the semiconductor supply chain and its global nature, especially when it comes to addressing potential crises in collaboration with industry and key global partners,ITI wrote in the comments. Specifically, we call for clarifying the key concepts around the designation of ‘first-of-a-kind’ facilities; ensuring the reporting and monitoring mechanisms are proportionate, balanced and practical and do not pose risks to business continuity; better coordinating with the industry to face potential crises and involve private sector in the governance of the Chips Act.

ITI’s comments include recommendations for EU legislators in the European Parliament and Council of the EU to ensure that the European Chips Act proposal is clear, workable, and effective, including:

  • Clarifying key terms and eligibility criteria for Chips Act support;

  • Shaping a proportionate and balanced monitoring and crisis response mechanism;

  • Increasing cooperation with like-minded global partners; and

  • Ensuring greater coordination with industry for the governance of the proposal.

Read ITI’s full submission here.