December 20, 2017

BRUSSELS – Today, ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement regarding the Council decision to develop new rules to allow non-personal data to move freely and easily across country borders.

“We appreciate and commend the work done by the Council, especially the work surrounding data flows,” said Guido Lobrano senior director of global policy for Europe. “Its agreement is a balanced one that recognizes the importance of ensuring that non-personal data can flow freely within Europe’s single market, which will allow for economic development to continue to grow and flourish. ITI and its member companies stand ready to support the work of the EU Institutions to complete the work on this important building block of the European Digital Single Market.”

ITI has long advocated for the free flow of data. Most recently, it released a statement urging the EU to protect the flow of data. In addition, Josh Kallmer, ITI’s senior vice president of global policy, authored a policy paper, Dear World Leaders: Tear Down Your Digital Walls, on the economic and societal benefits of the free flow of data.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment, Forced Localization