September 14, 2016

WASHINGTON – ITI and TechNet, two organizations representing the technology industry’s leading companies, joined together today to announce their support for the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) ambitious computer energy efficiency regulation that was released last week.

The tech industry’s support comes after a collaborative effort by the CEC bringing technology companies and environmental advocates together to achieve the highest energy efficiency standard possible without undermining the innovation industry powering California’s economy.

“This proposed regulation paves the way for the technology industry to continue to enable innovation while also reducing desktop computers’ idle power consumption by 50% over the next five years,” ITI Senior Vice President for Environment and Sustainability Rick Goss said. “The goals are ambitious but achievable for us because technology companies are innovating and creating solutions to the challenges posed by climate change. Improving the efficiency of our products is an example of our work to create new technologies that meet our customers’ high demands while also helping to make our society more sustainable.”

“By adopting this rule, the CEC is opening the door to significant improvements in energy efficiency without undermining the innovation that is critical to the health of California’s economy,” said Andrea Deveau, Executive Director at TechNet. “We applaud the CEC for its work in keeping California as a leader in energy efficiency and environmental policy while ensuring that these new rules do not stifle technology and innovation.”

The proposed regulation now undergoes a 45-day public comment period before it can be adopted into law.

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Public Policy Tags: Energy, Environment & Sustainability, Product Efficiency