March 24, 2021

WASHINGTON — Today, global tech trade association ITI published its new Global AI Policy Recommendations to help guide governments around the world as they consider how to approach Artificial Intelligence (AI). The recommendations provide globally applicable AI policy proposals in five key areas: innovation and investment; facilitating public understanding and public trust; ensuring security and privacy; approaches to regulation; and global engagement.

“Artificial Intelligence plays an increasingly integral role in the way we connect, work, and learn,” said John Miller, ITI’s Senior Vice President for Policy and General Counsel. “It’s critical that policymakers around the world collaborate with industry, academia, and community stakeholders to ensure that this technology continues to be developed and used in a secure, trustworthy, and transparent manner everywhere. ITI’s Global AI Policy Recommendations serve as a guide for global governments as they consider policies to encourage responsible AI innovation while addressing challenges related to the use of the technology in its various applications. We look forward to working with policymakers and stakeholders as they consider and apply these recommendations.”

ITI’s recommendations include:

  • Increasing innovation and investment in AI, with an emphasis on workforce development, increased investment for R&D, and prioritizing public sector procurements of AI-based technology.
  • Facilitating public trust and understanding that promote the development of meaningfully explainable AI systems and encourage an ethical design approach.
  • Approaches to regulation, with a series of recommendations as to how policymakers should approach regulating AI in a way that focuses on responding effectively to specific harms while allowing for advancements in technology and innovation.
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of AI systems, with recommendations that consider how privacy, cybersecurity, and AI interact to ensure that users can trust that their personal and sensitive data is protected and handled appropriately.
  • Promoting continued global engagement, which will be key to ensuring that approaches to AI are aligned and interoperable to the extent possible.

ITI's new Global AI Policy Recommendations build on principles released in 2018 and can help inform an evolving global policy debate. ITI’s new recommendations feature a glossary of key definitions around which global consensus is emerging as well as an appendix highlighting different AI use cases.

See ITI’s full Global AI Policy Recommendations here.

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