March 25, 2022

WASHINGTON — Today, global tech trade association ITI issued the following statement from its President and CEO Jason Oxman in response to the announcement from United States President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that the U.S. and EU have reached an agreement in principle on an enhanced EU-U.S. data transfer agreement:

“Today’s announcement by President Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is a major step forward for the transatlantic relationship that will safeguard citizens’ privacy and civil liberties and bolster the global economy. Data flows underpin over 16 million jobs and more than $5.6 trillion in commercial sales annually, and this agreement is essential to restoring business certainty and safeguarding continuity of commercial activities involving the movement of data across borders. We urge negotiators to finalize this agreement to enable transatlantic data transfers while ensuring it upholds European citizens’ fundamental rights and the legitimate security and public safety interests of the EU and U.S. governments.”

Since the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) decision in the Schrems II case to invalidate the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield in 2020, ITI has called on U.S. and EU policymakers to reach a new agreement to ensure businesses have the ability to share data across the Atlantic. Earlier this year, ITI called on the Biden Administration to prioritize an agreement in its 2022 Action Plan for U.S. Policymakers, and highlighted the critical importance of cross-border data flows to the U.S. economy in its 2021 U.S. Competitiveness Agenda. Read more on ITI’s work on this issue:

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