May 05, 2019

WASHINGTON – ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement in response to President Trump’s tweet that he intends to increase tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods from 10 to 25 percent this Friday.

“Increasing tariffs would only continue to harm American consumers and businesses of all sizes and across all sectors, as well as threaten American economic growth and leadership in innovation,” said Naomi Wilson, ITI’s Senior Director of Policy, Asia. “We support the Trump Administration in seeking to fundamentally redefine the trade relationship with China; however threats to increase tariffs at this juncture in the negotiations could negatively affect the important progress both sides have made to resolve these complex and longstanding issues. We urge the president and his team to stay focused on striking a deal that meaningfully and sustainably addresses China’s problematic policies and provides stability and greater opportunity for U.S. businesses in China.”

Earlier this week, ITI’s President and CEO Jason Oxman wrote an op-ed commending President Trump for taking on China but underscoring the harm tariffs cause to American consumers and businesses.