May 10, 2019

WASHINGTON – ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, released the following statement from Naomi Wilson, ITI’s Senior Director of Policy, Asia, reacting to the United States’ tariffs increase on $200 billion Chinese goods to 25 percent, which went into effect earlier this morning:

“We are disappointed that the U.S. and China were unable to reach a deal in time to avoid another escalation of tariffs. While we appreciate the administration’s commitment to addressing China’s unfair tech trade policies and practices, this trade conflict has taken a significant toll on U.S. businesses, workers, and consumers. The increase to 25 percent duties on the $200 billion tranche of Chinese imports will raise that toll. This specific tariff increase will affect every day telecommunications equipment like modems and routers that help Americans connect to the internet and with each other. Increased tariffs on hardware components also mean that companies large and small will find it more difficult to use digital and cost-saving solutions in their daily business. We encourage both sides to continue to negotiate in good faith and conclude a deal that addresses longstanding tech trade issues and moves towards a more open and balanced U.S.-China economic relationship.”

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment