August 08, 2021

BRUSSELS – Today, ITI encouraged the EU to support and rely on international standards as it considers new regulatory requirements for emerging digital technologies. ITI’s response to the European Commission’s public consultation on a standardisation strategy Roadmap also includes recommendations for leveraging both European and international efforts within the European Standardisation System (ESS).

“ITI strongly supports the Commission’s aims to modernise and consolidate the European Standardisation System, or ESS," said Sam Rizzo, ITI Senior Director of Policy. “Doing so will support a well-functioning Single Market, further the competitiveness of industries operating in the EU, and protect citizens and the environment. As the Commission undertakes its review of ESS, we strongly encourage it to assess policies that may inadvertently hinder the use of international, industry-driven, voluntary technical standards, including digital services standards and those for emerging digital technologies.”

In its recommendations, ITI outlines its support for policy changes that build on the EU’s experience in the development of an integrative ESS. This experience includes furthering intra-EU and international compatibility, facilitating European innovation and competitiveness, and enabling European policymakers to draw on the broadest range of fit-to-purpose technical standards when considering framework or legislative approaches to new technology.

Read ITI’s full submission here.

Public Policy Tags: Industry Standards, Trade & Investment