February 04, 2020

WASHINGTON – ITI President and CEO Jason Oxman issued the following statement in reaction to President Trump’s State of the Union address:

“Innovations created by the tech sector have revolutionized the way people around the world live, work, and communicate. They also drive the U.S. economy, bring jobs to regions across the country, and help all industries increase productivity and competitiveness. We appreciate that President Trump acknowledged some key steps to help ensure the United States can continue to foster an environment spurred by innovation.

“Specifically, international trade deals, like USMCA and the U.S.-China agreement, will help advance the 21st century economy. We urge President Trump to continue to advance efforts to secure more trade agreements that support continued economic growth. Further, the U.S. economy, including the U.S. tech sector, has benefited enormously from the contributions made by immigrants who came to the country. We look forward to an ongoing dialogue with the administration about immigration policies that help the United States attract the best and brightest from all over the world to create U.S. jobs and opportunities through their entrepreneurial efforts.

“We encourage President Trump to continue these efforts and more—including expanding access to high-speed internet, modernizing U.S. infrastructure, and investing in STEM training—to promote innovation in the U.S. and around the world. Our industry remains committed to working with his administration and the U.S. Congress to make sure that happens.”

In an op-ed in The Hill earlier this week, ITI President and CEO Jason Oxman outlined some of the key issues the tech industry would like President Trump to address in his State of the Union.