June 15, 2016

WASHINGTON – ITI, the global voice of the tech sector, unveiled a new information and outreach initiative today called “ITI Decodes.” Through videos, an online platform, infographics, workshops, and global engagements, ITI Decodes will demystify the innovations that are transforming our world.

“Everyone—including policymakers around the world—should be empowered to understand the technologies that are revolutionizing our lives,” said ITI President and CEO Dean Garfield. “Our goal is for ITI Decodes to spark needed conversations about how key technology components and the broader tech ecosystem work to support a policy environment that enables innovation.”

So far, the effort has “decoded” issues like encryption and global data flows. Garfield noted that ITI Decodes engagement efforts are already underway, with presentations to U.S. diplomats and partnerships with technology industry groups in South America. ITI plans to offer translated versions of Decodes videos and materials in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Bahasa.

“Given the positive reaction to our initial launch, we have begun working on future topics that will include the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Global Value Chains,” Garfield said.

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Public Policy Tags: Forced Localization, Encryption, Internet of Things, Data & Privacy