April 18, 2022

WASHINGTON – Today, global tech trade association ITI issued the following statement in reaction to the Office of Management and Budget’s Initial Implementation Guidance on Application of Buy America Preference in Federal Financial Assistance Programs for Infrastructure memorandum:

To fully realize the landmark infrastructure law's transformative investments, it is critical that projects can leverage cutting-edge technologies. The Buy America guidance released today does not reflect the global nature of supply chains or the feasibility of coming into compliance with the law’s requirements,” said ITI President and CEO Jason Oxman. “While the guidance includes a process for waivers, we encourage the Biden Administration to take a broader, government-wide approach that encourages U.S. competitiveness and ensures that federally funded projects come online quickly. We urge the administration to prioritize ongoing stakeholder engagement on these important issues to enable the law’s successful implementation.”

ITI has been a leading voice on why much-needed infrastructure projects must utilize cutting-edge technology developed via global supply chains. Oxman highlighted industry’s perspective in a recent blog, and ITI led two multi-association letters in March and February urging administration action on the issue.

Public Policy Tags: Trade & Investment