January 07, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, ITI commended the Trump Administration’s release of new guidance to U.S. agencies for regulating Artificial Intelligence technology. The administration’s approach, outlined in a draft memorandum, aligns with similar efforts taking place in Europe and around the world.

“Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing our economy, society, and our daily lives,” said Jason Oxman, ITI President and CEO. “ITI supports the Trump Administration’s efforts to promote this transformative technology and applauds the release of the draft Memorandum, ‘Guidance for Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Applications.’ The outlined approach will help advance the development and deployment of AI in both the private and public sector, while also promoting an ecosystem that fosters the responsible growth of this important innovation. Government and community leaders, industry partners, consumer advocates, and academia must continue to work together across jurisdictions in the spirit of international cooperation to advance these goals and make sure AI benefits all communities across the globe, while recognizing and addressing concerns regarding the technology.”

Public Policy Tags: Artificial Intelligence