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Events - Cross-Sector Partnerships to Decarbonize our Economy

Cross-Sector Partnerships to Decarbonize our Economy

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As COP26 underscored, the technology industry will play a key role in helping to combat the climate crisis.

Climate change is arguably the most significant existential threat of our time. This complex, interconnected issue will require broad partnership and problem-solving across industries and governments as well as new ideas from those with diverse experiences, voices, and expertise.

Join us on November 16 at 4 PM ET for the next installment of ITI’s virtual Bridge for Innovation event series, which explores how good policy and new technologies are crucial to solving today’s most daunting issues.

The event will bring together industry experts to discuss how industries can work together to help decarbonize our economy. It will also explore how good policies can better help organizations make the transition to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Link to Bridge for Innovation launch site.

Watch the recording here.