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Legislative Priorities

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ITI’s mission is to empower policymakers with information thus enabling innovation that improves lives, create jobs, and drives economic growth. ITI’s policy objectives focus on expanding opportunity and growth at home; maintaining and opening markets around the world; and driving innovation on a global scale.

Building on ITI’s legislative priorities for the 115th Congress that were identified last year, we have outlined below the following roadmap for accelerating economic growth and innovation in 2018. An overview of ITI’s 2018 legislative priorities can also be found here.

Spurring Economic Growth and Job Creation

Modernizing U.S. Transportation and Infrastructure

Advancing the Deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Ensuring Market Access for Technology Products and Services

Strengthening the Skills of America’s Workforce

Investing in the Science and Technology Workforce

Reforming High-Skilled Immigration

Fostering Trusted Networks

Protecting Data and Restoring User Trust

Increasing Cyber Defenses

Incentivizing Domestic Innovation

Promoting Broadband Investment and Spectrum Availability

Cementing Net Neutrality Legislation