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Robert Hoffman

Formerly of ITI

Robert Hoffman served as Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) from May 2012 through February 2014.

Blog Posts by Robert Hoffman

  • Renew Through Rehab   (October 18, 2013)

    This week’s House and Senate vote on a short-term deal to re-open the government and extend the federal debt ceiling was the symbolic equivalent of a stroke victim taking his first few tentative yet positive ...

  • Talking Tax Reform with Intel Innovators   (August 20, 2013)

    Prior to participating in a discussion with employees at Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, Calif., House Ways & Means Chairman Dave Camp and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus were given a brief tour of ...

  • Why Returning India to a Path of Innovation and Smart Growth is Good for India….and America   (June 27, 2013)

    Earlier today, I had the honor of representing ITI and our member companies at a hearing before the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade.  The testimony provided by me ...

  • Senator Levin’s Irresponsible Tax Approach   (May 15, 2013)

    When it comes to identifying policymakers who will champion bipartisan, constructive approaches to fix our outdated, broken tax system and help U.S. companies to innovate, compete and create jobs, don’t ...

  • Why the Judiciary Committee Should Side with Orrin Hatch on H-1Bs   (May 13, 2013)

    The Senate Judiciary Committee’s work this week on the Gang of 8 (G8) immigration reform bill could include an energetic debate on two competing views about temporary skilled visas – the H-1B (for those ...

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