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Memo to the Candidates: Focus on the Real Problem

Our economy remains sluggish and the outlook for the next few years is uncertain, at best.  You don’t have to take our word for it.  We see that truth borne out with each month’s jobs report release.  We heard it from Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke in his testimony on Capitol Hill last week.  Unfortunately, instead of putting forward innovative plans to solve the problems at hand, the candidates, media, and electorate are focused on sideshows that have little to do with revitalizing our economy.  Topics du jour like who quit what job and when; the size of campaign war chests; and the ever-changing VP speculation all make for great talk show topics, but certainly won’t do anything to spur economic growth.  Why aren’t we addressing the real economic problems?  Do the candidates not have a grasp on the enormity of the situation?  Do they not have solutions? 

President Obama and Governor Romney would be wise to drop the silly rhetoric, and think big.  In our Six Steps to Jobs, Prosperity, and Innovation, we make clear that the next president must pursue policies that:

  • Adequately prepare students in STEM to face the 21st century economy;
  • Fix burdensome corporate taxes;
  • Look for innovative ways to improve our energy security;
  • Open global markets for our goods and services overseas;
  • Protect our digital networks;
  • Enable employers to attract and keep the world’s best and brightest minds in the U.S.

 The country has arrived at a critical juncture, and until the candidates, media, and electorate start focusing on real economic problems and debating real economic solutions, it’s likely we will remain in an economic rut until at least the next presidential election.  Instead of the personal attacks that both the candidates and media revel in, the candidates should jump at the opportunity to fix the economy.  Collectively, the steps we have put forth can help to spur innovation, create jobs, and grow the economy.  It’s no small task, but then again, no one ever said leading the Free World would be.


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